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Baby Baths and Stands

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  1. Tippitoes Newborn Baby Bath

    Tippitoes Newborn Baby Bath

    Safe, comfortable bath for a newborn, then up to 6 months old. Smooth sides make a soothing bath time for your little one. Learn More
  2. Tippitoes Newborn Baby Bath Stand

    Tippitoes Newborn Baby Bath Stand

    Great addition to the Newborn Baby bath. This stand allows you to keep baby up off the draughty floor and makes it easy to bath your newborn without being crouched over. Learn More
  3. Tippitoes Standard Baby Bath 0 - 12 months

    Tippitoes Standard Baby Bath 0 - 12 months

    This bath from Tippitoes still has that great look and sturdy feel but comes in slightly larger than the newborn baby bath, making it suitable for up to 12 months. Learn More
  4. Tippitoes Standard Bath Stand

    Tippitoes Standard Bath Stand

    This bath stand is for use with the Tippitoes standard bath. Ideal for keeping baby up of the floor and easing the pressure on your back when bathing your baby. Learn More
  5. Tippitoes Newborn Baby Bath and Stand Set

    Tippitoes Newborn Baby Bath and Stand Set

    Make bathtime easier with this great baby bath and stand set from Tippitoes. Non-slip stand and child-friendly smooth, rounded edges. Learn More
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Bathtime is an essential part of helping your child relax before sleeping- so it’s important that you get it just right. When they’re still very small, a big bath tub can be too much for daily washing and you’re bound to worry about the possible dangers; using a baby bath is the perfect solution, as they provide a space that’s the right size for your little one. Baby baths are quite shallow, so there’s no need to be concerned about the water becoming too deep. You can sit or lie on the floor and watch your baby as they safely play with their bath toys.

Baby baths are very safe and comfortable for your baby, but if you find sitting on the floor uncomfortable or inconvenient, try using one of these baby bath stands. They really help alleviate pressure from your back and make it easier to do other things whilst you’re washing your child. From a higher height you can see more and it also keeps you both away from draughty floorboards. All of our stands have anti-slip feet, gripping onto any floor or surface, giving your baby the safest bath possible. Select stands also have a drainage pipe, for a handy, hygienic bathtime.