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Nursery Furniture

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  1. Vivi Cot Bed

    Vivi Cot Bed

    Gorgeous wooden cot bed that looks great in any nursery. Also available as a three piece set, including wardrobe and chest of drawers. Learn More
  2. Vivi Wardrobe

    Vivi Wardrobe

    Quality wooden wardrobe that also comes in a matching set with junior cot and drawers. Looks clean and stylish in every child's nursery. Learn More
  3. Vivi Dresser/Changer

    Vivi Dresser/Changer

    Well-designed, quality wooden dresser that looks elegant in any nursery. This dresser will keep your child's clothes and toys in a secure, discreet and stylish piece of wooden furniture. Learn More
  4. Tippitoes Vivi Nursery Set - Cot bed, Wardrobe and Dresser

    Tippitoes Vivi Nursery Set - Cot bed, Wardrobe and Dresser

    Beautiful three-part nursery set including junior bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Wooden furniture makes a great addition to any little one's bedroom. Learn More
  5. Jamm Doorstop

    Jamm Doorstop

    The World's Best Door Stop! Learn More
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When a new family member’s on the way, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Decorating a nursery is an exciting and special time for parents and carers, and you want to make it as unique and individual as your baby will be. We’ve got a lovely selection of nursery furniture that’s designed to make this very special room look and feel like home. You might have a baby on the way, or perhaps you’re transforming a room for a toddler- either way, our range of furniture will spruce up any space.

Tippitoes provides a number of matching items such as cots and wardrobes, that will look great together. All of our nursery items are completely safe and really good value for money. These classic pieces of furniture are there to be treasured forever, and will provide you with lots of space and practicality for all yours and your child’s things. Let your child rest on one of our incredibly comfy Vivi cot beds, or treat yourselves to a whole Vivi set for an extra special-looking nursery.