Why Buy a Gro Clock?

Do you need a Gro clock in your life? I guess it may be better to ask do you have kids that wake up early?
In my house normal wake up time for my eldest was sometime between 5 and 5:30 am. Though useful at Christmas to avoid crowds in the supermarket as a day in day out time for us it was a little on the early side.
Gro Clock

It was suggested from a friend that we bought a Gro Clock. I thought ok not sure if this will work but bought one in the hope we might get a bit more sleep.

The concept of the clock is to teach children to stay in bed when the stars are out and get up when the sun on the clock comes on. You can set the time to suit you. We started off by using it at 6 am to see how it went. In the beginning we had a few teething issues - my eldest kept resetting the clock to day so he could get up. Then we read in the manual properly and found that you can lock the keypad on the clock to avoid this happening.

Since then we haven’t looked back he now gets up usually after 6:30am the sun is already up and he loves the clock.

I think this product is great as it is a simple concept that would work for most ages and when your child is bigger is a good tool for teaching them about day and night and the time.Well worth the money.

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