Tip of the week: safety tips for baby carriers

Safely use your carrier - and enjoy being hands free!

We're proud to offer you a wide selection of baby carriers and slings, and we know how much of a lifesaver these handy accessories can be when you're out with your child. So for our Tip of the Week, we've put together a list of of the best and safest ways to use your carrier and enjoy it it's full potential!

Very young babies - under two months - cannot yet hold their heads up on their own. If a part of the sling falls or is pressed to a baby's nose or mouth, their neck muscles are not string enough to change position. Make sure you are always aware of any material that may cover your baby's face, to avoid blocking their air supply.

Top Tips

  • Frequently check that your baby is able to breathe freely and easily, without any material getting in the way.
  • Make sure your baby's chin is not touching their chest, as this can also be dangerous when it comes to breathing.
  • If you have a sling around your front, try to be in a position where you can always see your baby's head and face- this is lets you spot any safety issues fast, and your baby wants to see you!
  • When carrying your baby, do not jump, jog or run anywhere, as this will jolt your baby and could damage their neck or spine.
  • Never use a baby carrier whilst you're in a car, or driving. No carrier is as safe as a proper child's car seat, and won't offer any protection in an accident.
  • When choosing the right baby carrier, make sure you always pick one that's specifically right for your child's age and weight, and this could have a huge impact on their comfort and safety. Front carriers usually comfortably hold babies that weight anywhere between 8-20Ibs.
  • Check your carrier regularly for any seams, sticking out buckles or fasteners that may dig in to your baby.
  • Make sure your carrier is structurally sound before using it with your baby- check to see if any parts are missing, and if it fastens securely.
  • When you're out and using your sling, ask a friend or your partner to check you appear safe with your baby. Use reflective surfaces to get a good look from all angles.
  • Before using a sling or carrier for the first time, practice with a doll. When you do come to place your baby, ask someone to be there, in case they fall. Have a fun time using your sling or carrier!
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