Learning to Walk

Moover Baby Walker

Walking Aids

Learning to walk is a huge step in your child's life, so it's important that they receive proper support. As a parent, teaching your child to walk or ride a bike can be a lot of fun, but you may also worry about them falling down and hurting themselves. Here at ComfyBabies, we'd like to introduce you to baby walking aids that help your baby with their posture and keep them steady on their feet.

Walking Aids are the perfect tools to help your child walk with naturally good posture, whilst you keep a watchful eye. Join your child and see them take their first steps with the Luvion Walky Baby Aid Walker ; a product that's designed for you to guide your baby along, and make sure they keep out of harm's way. This walker is so easy to compact, that you can take it to the park or on holiday. Adjust the height of the Luvion to suit you and your child, using the simple click mechanism. When your child grows, you may choose to use our Toddler reins; a product that gives your child more freedom as their confidence soars.

Or why not try our toddler reins that come attached to a backpack for your child, so they're easily transportable and make learning to walk a lot more fun. These handy backpacks and reins come in 6 fun designs for your child to choose from- something for everyone! They feature a removable parent’s safety rein, so you have the choice to give them more freedom to run off on their own for a while. Backpack reins also have a zipped entry to main compartment, an internal name & address tag, adjustable padded shoulder straps and chest strap to prevent pack slipping.

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