Choosing Organic Baby Products

Should I Go Green?

Finding it difficult to cater for your child's overly sensitive skin? Maybe you just worry a bit about the environment, and how much damage all your child's synthetic nappies can be doing to it? You now have the choice of using Organic Baby Products that are also bio-degradable and so much better for your environment. So why should you go organic? Chemical free products are simply better for your child and the beautiful world around them.

Organic Baby Bathtime Products

If your child has particularly sensitive skin, or you worry about the environment, discover the joys of using organic nappies, lotions, wipes and much more. Research has shown that human babies can wear up to around 6000 nappies before being potty trained; agreeably a large amount of waste material!Organic nappies are largely (if not completely) free of chemicals and therefore will not be irritating to even the most sensitive of skin. It has been discovered through testing and surveys that over half of babies put in regular disposables suffer from rashes or at least some form of mild reaction.

A concern for some parents is the extra price tag that usually comes on organic products, however when you consider the monumental strain that regular products put on yours and your family's environment, it seems like a small price to pay. A lot of regular products such as nappies are creating a great deal of pollution, and you have the choice to help out!

According to some reports, disposable nappies can take between 200- 500 years to decompose, but choosing to go green takes nowhere near this amount of time. On top of this, ComfyBabies offers you all these great organic products at totally affordable prices. Try an organic product for your baby and your world, now!

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