• Nightlights for a Better Night's Sleep

    Nightlights are handy accessories for any home, and can be a great help in finding your way when there’s low lighting. Plug-in lamps can avoid any nasty falls, and ensures that other household member’s aren’t disturbed by bright, over-head lights. Here at ComfyBabies, we’ve hand-picked some nightlights that we think will help your child feel safe and happy, so please take a look!

    Turtle Nightlight Try a night light that's also a toy - it will help your child feel more relaxed and secure

    Nightlights for children

    Nightlights for children however can be helpful for a wider range of reasons. As a lot of children feel anxious in the dark, installing a nightlight can be a huge comfort and even of psychological help to a child with a severe fear of darkness. The majority of children will go through a phase of turning the lights on in the early hours to wake their parents up, because they’re afraid or have had a nightmare, which is where a nightlight can really come in handy. Installing a small, low watt lamp acts as a constant comfort to your little one, and will help them go back to sleep quicker if and when they wake in the middle of the night. Some parents let their child sleep with the main room lamp on, but this could be unnecessary, if a dimmer, more cost-effective light can be used and has the same, positive effect. A lot of scientific research shows that bright lights during sleep can have a profound effect on the interruptions of sleep and disturb a child’s sleeping schedule - which is especially important if they are ready to start school.

    Nightlight benefits

    Separation anxiety is also a big reason why some children could benefit from a nightlight. Your child’s first nights on their own can be quite stressful for everyone involved, especially if they insist on sleeping in your bed when they can’t settle down! Every child is different, and whilst some may adjust to the dark after only a couple days, it may take others a lot longer. If you’re having problems, a helpful tip is to let your child pick their own nightlight - perhaps one that resembles a toy - so that they love it, and feel safe around it. There is some controversy around whether it’s a good idea to get colour changing lights over neutral ones; will changing colours keep your child awake? Only you can decide. However, if you do choose a colour changing lamp, make sure it’s still very dim, so as not to over-stimulate your child before sleep.

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