Baby Breathing Monitors

Baby Breathing Monitors - The Respisense Monitor

Many parents who worry about their children during rest have invested in a baby breathing monitor. Baby breathing monitors are small, light, convenient devices that measure the breathing movements of your child, and alert you if there is any inactivity. The benefits of these devices are largely keeping parents' and carers' peace of mind, however they are also ideal for high-risk babies, who require extra care.

ComfyBabies can offer parents and carers the Respisense Breathing Monitor, which is an advanced, completely portable breathing effort monitor that clips onto your baby's nappy smoothly and without causing any discomfort. The monitor is currently one of the smallest available, at only 5.5cms and weighing a super-light 32g. This monitor can be used straight from the box and is very simple to operate.

Traditionally baby breathing monitors have been placed under mattresses, and there is always a worry that wires and electrics could harm your baby or interfere with their sleep. The Respisense does not require any wires and clips discreetly onto your baby's nappy, monitoring their breathing pattern through their tummy movement. If activity isn't detected for 15 seconds, the device will buzz gently and sound an alarm if your baby does not then continue to breathe regularly. Breathing monitors are the perfect accessory for bedtime, or when your baby's having a quick nap, so take a look at the ComfyBabies range to find one that's perfect for you.

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