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  • Tip of the week: safety tips for baby carriers

    Safely use your carrier - and enjoy being hands free!

    We're proud to offer you a wide selection of baby carriers and slings, and we know how much of a lifesaver these handy accessories can be when you're out with your child. So for our Tip of the Week, we've put together a list of of the best and safest ways to use your carrier and enjoy it it's full potential! Continue reading

  • Travel Cot from Bebemon - Perfect for Holidays

    The Portable Travel Cot by Bebemon

    Isn’t it difficult enough to get your child off to sleep at home, never mind when you’re away on holiday? Like all of us, babies and especially young children can find it difficult to get to sleep in a new place or bed. Whilst we can take some home comforts abroad with us, there’s only so many toys and bedding you can bring before you reach your limit! We’re stocking a new product called the Oasis Travel Cot, which is literally a bed you can take absolutely anywhere. This stunning cot by Bebemon is easy to set-up and will suit all your travelling needs. Continue reading

  • How to use your baby item steriliser

    There are three kinds of sterilisers that you can use- cold water, microwave and electric. There are pros and cons to all three, but whichever you choose, it’s vital to keep your bottles as clean as possible for the safety of your child. Sterilising bottles protects your baby against nasty germs and bacteria that can easily cause an infection. Using a steriliser is quick and easy, and gets rid of virtually all germs and the harmful bacteria that can grow in milk. That’s why it’s so important to sterilise not only bottles, but dummies, breast pumps or any other feeding item such as bowls or spoons until your baby is at least one year old.

    Microwave Sterilisers

    In many ways, microwave sterilisers are the easiest and most effective sterilisers to use, as they don’t require any rinsing. The hot steam kills all bacteria and if the lid stays closed, your feeding item will be sterile for 24 hours- so you don’t even have to use it straight away. Always remember that metal items should never be used in the microwave or with the steriliser.

    ComfyBabies now stock the highly-recommended Mebby Microwave Steriliser, which can sterilise up to 5 bottles in approx 8 minutes, eliminating 99% of germs and bacteria. The Mebby Microwave Steriliser lid is fitted with two vent valves which eliminates residual steam. The side clips are designed to create the perfect seal and do not heat up in order to allow the user to handle the steriliser safely. This bottle steriliser has been designed for convenient use which is ideal for travelling.

  • Grobag - Baby Sleeping Bags

    Grobags? Baby Sleeping Bags keep your baby cool, all year round!

    We know it’s tough to keep your baby at the right temperature all night, and in the early days, getting into a good sleeping routine should be top priority. Sheets and blankets irritate all of us, even as winter’s approaching, but they can be especially dangerous for young children when the central heating’s on and temperatures rise. As well as overheating, your baby could also be at risk of suffocating when surrounded by lots of heavy bedding. The safest way to cover your baby is with a baby sleeping bag that is guaranteed not to overheat your child or pose a risk of suffocation.

    Grobags are available from our website - take a look!

    Baby sleeping bags come in a variety of tog ratings, so you can switch bags according to seasons changing and different room temperatures. Sleeping bags are also great for small children and newborns because they are so easy to take on and off, eliminating the hassle of making cots and beds. Most baby sleeping bags are also designed so that your baby can't wriggle out of them or get their head stuck in any holes. The Gro Company- who have gained an excellent reputation for their innovative baby products- have initiated the rise in the popularity of Grobags; a safe and comfortable sleeping bag for babies Over 95% of parents in the UK now use baby sleeping bags, making them the most popular baby sleeping product on the market. Here at Comfybabies we’re now stocking Grobags and other baby sleeping bags, so you can keep your kids at the right nighttime temperature, whatever the season.

    How should you clothe your when they're in a baby sleeping bag? You should always consider three things; the temperature of the room, the tog level of the sleeping bag and the current temperature of your child. These factors will determine how to dress your child; for example if your baby has a temperature or is unwell, you may wish to leave them with less clothing on. This is a really helpful chart to use when deciding which sleeping bag to use in conjunction with levels of clothing. Also bear in mind that newborns are more sensitive to temperature change than older babies, and you may have to adjust their clothing accordingly. Remember to never use additional sheets or covers with a sleeping bag, as this will overheat your child and could even be dangerous for their health. These guidelines will ensure that your baby is always warm and prepared for a sound night's sleep.

  • A Helping Hand - Out and About

    Taking trips out with your baby or young child can be a stressful business... All you want to do is spend time with your child and have fun, but sometimes everything seems to go wrong, and you end up having a more stressful time than if you’d stayed at home! A lot of the time, the reason for this could be down to something as simple as the accessories you’re using to help you when you’re outside.

    If you have a newborn or a young baby, taking them to parks, restaurants or coffee shops means you’ll definitely be bring some kind of changing bag with all their things in. This can include feeding equipment, blankets, toys, you name it- it all adds up to a lot of stuff that can be heavy to carry and frustrating to compartmentalise. We are now selling a fantastic range of changing bags, all at very low prices that we believe will help you in when you’re out and about with your baby.

    A good changing bag will really help you on your days out- check out all the storage space this one has to offer...

    Take a look at this Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag, with a range of 6 eye-catching fabrics, animal prints or retro rectangular designs to choose from. This bag has absolutely loads of space, starting with two large front pockets and four inside pockets, so you can keep everything separate and hygienic. There’s also a changing mat, bottle bag and a bag for used materials. This bag is incredibly practical, hard wearing and made from an easy-to-clean nylon material, for all those pesky spillages! It also includes a mobile phone pouch- which can be a nightmare to find in some changing bags.

    Often when you’re out, yourbaby changing bag loaded with goodies isn’t going to be the only thing you’re carrying... Parents and carers will know that kids accumulate a surprising amount of bits and bobs that are essential to keep with you at all times. We are currently stocking the Mummy Clip, an amazing accessory that’s super secure, and opens and closes with the greatest of ease. It's lightweight, versatile, and has so many uses. We find that the best way to utilise it, is to clip shopping bags or hand bags onto your pram, so that your hands are free to play and manage your child.The Mummy Clip will fit on to a variety of stroller handles, plus it's also perfect for shopping trolleys, and relieves strain from your hand when carrying heavy loads. It's so small and light, you can take it everywhere you go, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your hands, or being preoccupied with carrying bags. With the Mummy Clip, you can properly enjoy your time out- minus the heavy bags!

    Use to clip heavy bags onto your stroller, and relieve the pressure from your hands
  • Bathtime for Babies

    Bathing your baby can be a little scary, especially the first few times when they’re still so small and delicate! Many parents and carers worry that their bathing technique is wrong, or about how full their baby bath should be. We’ve got plenty of products to help you feel a lot more relaxed about bath time, and make it as fun for you and your baby as it should be! We’ve also put together a few helpful tips on how to have an enjoyable, safe bathing experience...

    When Should I Bathe My Baby?
    It depends how much your baby enjoys baths- but bathing your child daily can be a really good way to get them to settle down before bedtime, and incorporate washing into a daily routine. You don’t however have to to bathe your baby every day, in fact, newborns only really require washing one or two times a week. It’s worth keeping in mind that too many baths may dry out or damage sensitive skin. Between baths, wash your baby after every nappy change, as this is extremely important for hygiene and to prevent sore skin. Of course, washing your baby’s face whenever they get mucky, is also fine too! It can take practice to handle a slippery baby in the bath with real confidence, but there’s rarely any need to worry, as most babies love warm water and even a very fussy child will feel more relaxed whilst taking a bath. Bathing a child whilst they’re finding it hard to settle down can actually be very beneficial, as they’ll be soothed by the warm temperature.

    What should I bathe my baby in?
    Although it may sound odd, a lot of people find it easiest to bathe their baby in the kitchen sink, simply because it’s at the perfect height. However if height’s your issue, we really recommend using a bath stand, as it’s just as handy, but made specifically for bath time use. These are incredibly safe and great for multi-tasking. Alternatively, you may want to bathe your child the traditional way, using a proper plastic baby bath.

    What’s the best way to bathe my baby?
    Bathing equipment is very simple; all you need is a  bowl of warm water, boiled and then left to cool -  if your baby is less than two months old. Before you lower your baby, make sure you test the water temperature witha  thermometer- it’s one hundred times more reliable than your finger! Have some cotton wool at hand for getting behind the ears, and no rough flannels that will scratch or hurt your baby’s skin (a sponge is ideal). You will also need some form of very mild soap to wash your baby with, in fact, Comfy Babies offer an excellent range of Organic products such as bath time soap and shampoo that will not flare up any allergies. Lastly, have a clean, warm and dry towel at hand for after bath time, and perhaps a small blanket or gown so your child won’t get chilly.

    Happy bathing!

  • Nightlights for a Better Night's Sleep

    Nightlights are handy accessories for any home, and can be a great help in finding your way when there’s low lighting. Plug-in lamps can avoid any nasty falls, and ensures that other household member’s aren’t disturbed by bright, over-head lights. Here at ComfyBabies, we’ve hand-picked some nightlights that we think will help your child feel safe and happy, so please take a look!

    Turtle Nightlight Try a night light that's also a toy - it will help your child feel more relaxed and secure

    Nightlights for children

    Nightlights for children however can be helpful for a wider range of reasons. As a lot of children feel anxious in the dark, installing a nightlight can be a huge comfort and even of psychological help to a child with a severe fear of darkness. The majority of children will go through a phase of turning the lights on in the early hours to wake their parents up, because they’re afraid or have had a nightmare, which is where a nightlight can really come in handy. Installing a small, low watt lamp acts as a constant comfort to your little one, and will help them go back to sleep quicker if and when they wake in the middle of the night. Some parents let their child sleep with the main room lamp on, but this could be unnecessary, if a dimmer, more cost-effective light can be used and has the same, positive effect. A lot of scientific research shows that bright lights during sleep can have a profound effect on the interruptions of sleep and disturb a child’s sleeping schedule - which is especially important if they are ready to start school.

    Nightlight benefits

    Separation anxiety is also a big reason why some children could benefit from a nightlight. Your child’s first nights on their own can be quite stressful for everyone involved, especially if they insist on sleeping in your bed when they can’t settle down! Every child is different, and whilst some may adjust to the dark after only a couple days, it may take others a lot longer. If you’re having problems, a helpful tip is to let your child pick their own nightlight - perhaps one that resembles a toy - so that they love it, and feel safe around it. There is some controversy around whether it’s a good idea to get colour changing lights over neutral ones; will changing colours keep your child awake? Only you can decide. However, if you do choose a colour changing lamp, make sure it’s still very dim, so as not to over-stimulate your child before sleep.

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